Prices & Discounts

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We strive to keep our prices as low as possible.

A reasonable estimate to become a Private Pilot is about 50 hours of flying time and a cost about $10,000.00

Flight Training Prices

Cessna 172 - $160.00 per hour including fuel

Flight Instructor - $60.00 per hour

Scenic & Tulip Flights

1/2 hour $200
1 hour $325


Discounts are available for regular fliers.

Option 1
For an initial fee of $75.00 and a monthly fee of $25.00 payable on the first of each month a customer will receive a discount of $10.00/hr off of instructor charges and $20.00/hr off of aircraft rental. The fee must be paid continuously each month for the discount to apply. A lapse or no payment in a month voids the discount.

Option 2
A customer may elect to deposit $500.00 or more on account and receive a discount of 10% off of services and rental until the account is exhausted. There are no refunds for any balance left on account.